Katarsa is a Content Marketing and Digital Strategy Agency based in Jakarta, Indonesia. We offer content marketing and digital strategy and optimisation services to high-growth startups, SME’s and leading brands, who want to explore digital opportunities and grow their businesses. Our services at cost-effective price include blog article, social media management, website development, paid marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

The name of ‘Katarsa‘ is derived from the Sanskrit language; ‘Catha’ means creative, which then we spell as ‘Kata’ or words in Indonesia, and ‘Arsa’ means happiness. In a brief, as our name implies, we strive to deliver ‘creative content and strategy to bring a state of happiness’ to our clients.

Our team of creative storytellers and savvy digital strategists, who are driven by a young, ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit, provide a holistic approach to sharing your story and building your brand with the world. The result is designed to increase your awareness, reputation, trust, and eventually, sales.

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Our vision is to be the trusted leader in the content marketing and digital marketing industry, driven by delivering excellent results for our clients through passion, creativity, integrity, and commitment.


Our mission is to help high-growth startups, SME’s and leading brands grow their businesses through strategic content marketing and online presence. Especially for those with smaller businesses having restricted marketing budgets, we want to help them have a level playing field with the competitors. Basically, we want to help business owners and marketers use better content marketing and digital strategy to improve their marketing performance. Simply put, our mission is growth: the growth of our clients, as well as the growth of our team and our company.


Our team lives and breathes content and digital marketing. We are continuously working to evolve our knowledge and skill. We are thinkers, learners, and most importantly, we are doers.

Farah Dilla Syofiana

Farah Dilla Syofiana

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Having 10 years of Public Relation (PR) experience, Dilla has her significant works made with plenty of big clients including XL Axiata, Blue Bird, Wismilak, Jasa Marga, Wijaya Karya, Vivo Indonesia, and many others. After having obtained her master’s degree in communication management from Universitas Indonesia, she managed to widen her experience, from the art of communication in the capital market, media strategic, digital marketing and campaign, and all kinds of event management. In 2016, with such a strong passion and network in the communication field, she was driven to establish her own, Kandi Imaji as one of the prominent local PR agencies in Indonesia. Now, expanding her horizon, with the same passion, Dilla co-founded Katarsa that aims to be the leading content marketing and digital strategy service agency in Indonesia.

Dewi Irma Kusvianty

Dewi Irma Kusvianty

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Graduated from Universitas Padjajaran, Dewi has been in the world of media, communication and digital, as a journalist, editor, and consultant, since 2005. Dewi has worked for several media corporations, such as Pikiran Rakyat, RCTI (MNC Group), Cosmopolitan (MRA Group) and Dewi Magazine (Femina Group), while still maintaining her work as an independent PR and Media Consultant. She managed the latest position as Digital Director of Mobiliari Group (Indonesia Tatler, Hitsss.com). Later in 2019, with a strong passion for strategic content creation and digital marketing, Dewi decided to proudly establish Katarsa, a one-stop content marketing and digital strategy and optimisation services based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is interested in all things about media, digital, communication, art, culture, creativity, entrepreneurship and technology, and the collaboration of all those things.

Nabila Raisya

Nabila Raisya

Project Manager

Started her passion in content creation by having a huge interest in languages, Raisya earned her bachelor’s degree in humanities by studying Chinese Studies Program in Universitas Indonesia. After working for multinational coffee producers in Indonesia as International Marketing and Communication, Raisya decided to join in Indonesia PR industry scene. Her latest work in Kandi Imaji PR Agency as an experienced content & creative professional, with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry, has skilled her in strategic content, marketing management, media relations, and social media management. Now, Katarsa is her recent canvas, and she committed to amplifying more creative work by delivering the best content marketing and digital strategy services.


We will fulfill our vision and mission by having these values we live and work by. These core values bleed into every aspect of the business and provide a foundation for our behaviour, attitude, decision making, and culture:


    We love to share positive energy that makes us have a positive vibe for our clients and in our company. We love to have constructive challenges and winning attitude at all times.
    We believe establishing a collaborative environment, where each team member is encouraged to always participate actively in the dynamic group, is how successful ventures begin.
    We try to keep on honing our growth mindset to always progress and improve outcomes. We want to always be proactive and focus on company growth, team growth, and personal development.
    One of our top priorities is to create and maintain an environment that fosters learning and development. We always try to keep on top of the new trends, insights, and data relevant to us and our industry.
    We maintain an unwavering desire in ourselves to achieve set goals. Always dig deeper, never settle to ‘good enough’ if we can achieve excellence quality, because everything can be done better, faster and more effective in a learning environment.
    We love what we do, and our shared passion is what unites us, the driving force of our team. It’s what inspires us to pursue growth, and never stop learning.


    We are big supporters of start-ups, micro-small-medium business, and creative industry, that’s why we create our content marketing and digital marketing packages at a cost-effective range that will not hurt your profitability.
    We not only work with big brands or well-known companies, but we also pay great attention to high-growth startups and small-micro businesses in Indonesia. Besides, we also collaborate with other agencies in the form of a ‘white label’.
    We believe in data, hence our approach to developing a digital strategy is data-driven. We won’t get into a pitch without competitive research, and we track and turn your data into takeaways to make the most of your marketing budget.
    With us handling your company marketing, you can be free to concentrate more to rock your business. Our team will help to alleviate your stress, so you can focus on what matters most.
    We try to operate your business with a perspective of a business owner, learning every aspect of your business model to better manage your marketing. We believehaving an ownermindset is one of the most significant factors of success in any marketing efforts.
    At Katarsa, our priority is our clients’ needs. As our name implies, we put all our efforts to make our clients happy and satisfied.


Our approach:


    With the help of the right tools, we do research to gather all data from the market, the audience to insights to optimise your marketing efforts
    With research in hand, we will work together with our client partner to design a strategy and implement actions plan to make things happen.
  • DATA:
    We track everything to see what works best, and building on the tactics that deliver, and learning from the tactics that don’t.


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